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Through assessments, we are able to diagnose the personal, teaming, and organizational nuances.

RightPath Behavioral Styles Profiles (Path4 / Path6)

The RightPath Path4 and Path6 behavioral assessments assist in identifying your talents and offer an in-depth display of predictable natural behaviors.

Using both RightPath assessments is unique. The two independent, but correlated, profiles provide cross validation to ensure accurate results focused on strengths and struggles. RightPath’s tools were developed with the rigorous external validation of academic research from the University of Georgia. The insight provided by our assessments is utilized for interviewing, leadership development, team building, succession planning and developing emerging leaders.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Organizational Effectiveness (OES)

360 MR Feedback (RightPath LQ360)

The RightPath Leadership Intelligence (LQ360) assessment provides feedback to participants on how others experience their leadership.  It takes just 10 minutes for raters to rate the participant, and their feedback is compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report. The report highlights five key areas for effective leadership: Results, Relationship, Emotional Intelligence, Trust and Develops Others with each category printed in a separate color for easy interpretation.   Participants view their results as an overall average as well as by rater type. By reviewing the attributes and ratings in each category, leaders can confidently create a personalized development plan.

Strategic Facilitation

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