With a unique mixture of inspiration and perspiration (motivation and methodology), Chris brings leadership lessons to life in a vibrant way that is high-energy, inspiring, and themed around adventure. 

His keynotes expand past the motivational to thought-provoking insights behind successful leadership execution. By combining his high-energy delivery of powerful lessons that keep people engaged with actionable takeaways that equip them for success—each keynote resonates long after Chris has left the stage. 

As a Certified Speaking Professional who has spoken globally to tens of thousands on leadership, sales, teamwork, EQ, success, and organizational change and culture, Chris Fuller’s high-energy, adventure-based keynotes captivate a room and bring leadership lessons to life in a unique and powerful way.

Chris Fuller Core Keynotes

InSPIRED Leadership™

Inspired organizations have inspiring cultures with inspiring results because they have leaders who live out the InSPIRED success principles.


InSPIRED Teaming

Organizational dreams are placed in the hands of operational teams. How teams relate, integrate, and execute determines whether the dream is inspired to new heights or derailed into dysfunction.

Iditarod Leadership

Leverage the amazing adventure to stimulate your leaders to think about their role  in new ways, overcome adversity, and unleash the power of their team in pursuit of big goals.

Leading through Difficult Times

Difficult times call for Inspired Leadership. It is in the times of struggle and adversity that true leadership is revealed and deployed.


Secrets of Achieving Amazing Sales Results

Inspire your team to achieve amazing sales results through the proven practices of becoming Trusted Advisors leveraging SalesEQ.



Keynote variations include:

  • Inspired Leadership™
    • for the C-Suite
    • for the Mid-Level Manager
    • for Front-Line Leaders and Supervisors
    • for Individual Contributors
    • for Entrepreneurs
    • for Inspired Teaming
    • that creates Inspired Cultures
  • Increasing your Leadership Influence
  • Leading from the Middle
  • Owning the Success Mindset
  • Leading through Change
  • Creating the TrailMap to Achievement
  • Essential Sales Motivations
  • The Value of Effective Leadership
  • Increasing Organizational Energy
  • Effective Communication
  • EQ: Essential Success Competency
  • Beliefs, Barriers, and Overcoming
  • InSPIRED Customer Service!

Because your event is unique, Chris and the team will customize each topic to meet your need and deliver the greatest impact for you.

What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from Chris and his team:

A Heart to Serve

 We want to partner with you to make our piece of your event as stress-free as possible.


Chris delivers energy and enthusiasm in each keynote to inspire and engage audiences with practical, insightful, and actionable messages.

On Point

We work to ensure we fully understand the needs of the Organization, Event, and Audience to deliver exactly what is needed.


We deliver a dynamic presentation with the best we have to offer, meeting your needs and the agreed upon, pre-defined objectives.


We provide follow-up support available to ensure the investment maximizes the impact.

Chris’ passion re-engergized us to influence the change our leaders need to be more effective in their roles!
Chris is the Best of the Best—at the top of his game—and getting better!
The information was inspirational and critical to aspiring leaders.
Excellent speaker, extremely knowledgeable, adapted material to our needs, kept us moving!”
Dynamic and convincing!Challenged us to open our minds to a better, more productive way of selling!
Significant impact on our talent management initiative!

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