April 28, 2009 Chris Fuller

Leaders must be willing to be perpetual learners – if their leadership is to be sustained.

I have found that I am the happiest – and by that I mean the most internally satisfied with my adventure or what I’m calling my Iditarod Leadership adventure– when I am learning and growing – when I am stretching to learn something new or achieve something new – in an area of my passion. My passions are going to revolve around my adventures in leadership, sales, speaking, or something that involves helping people reach their potential. I love to read snippets or to listen to podcasts or audio books about new and fresh ideas around these areas. New growth always generates energy. It generates it in plants, trees, and when I choose to grow – choose to learn new things – to stretch – it generates tremendous energy and satisfaction in me.

On the trail – as the winter snow melts away – new life emerges – new spring vegetation. The race has been over for a number of weeks now and the mushers are already creating new plans and new growth opportunities for themselves and their teams.

Why do the same old things, year after year? Let the hunger for growth start – fuel the fire of passion for your life and business – ask yourself, with me today – where can I grow? Choose with me today – to find something to read – something to hear – something to learn – somewhere to grow.

Mush to your great adventure!

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  1. Robin Fuller

    I agree 100%!! Continual education is essential for the direction of the leaders and the company. The information our leaders need should be innovative and fresh. Status quo is the enemy.

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