May 8, 2009 Chris Fuller

Your son has what it takes to be a great leader…

Today I will see my second son in less than a year graduate from a military basic training. I can tell you from experience that having a child in combat is not easy AND I can tell you the graduation ceremonies like the one I’ll attend today are incredible moments of pride. The trainings, themselves, are watershed moments where each has come face to face with themselves and succeeded. It is a forever flag planted into the ground that they will look back on with pride and an affirming sense of accomplishment.

Yesterday, I went to Family Day at MCRD. I had heard Zach talk about being Platoon Leader. Yesterday I saw his leadership and accomplishment in action. (Some of you have, already, met Zach from the times when he has traveled with me and worked the audio/video from the back of the room)

All of his leaders said similar things… “great leader”, “great example for his platoon”, “we’ve been begging for a leader like Zach the last few series”. At 17 he was named the Series Honor Man and was only a point or a few points from being named the Company Honor Man out of a group of close to 400 new Marines. They were wonderful moments and confirmations of what I already knew as a proud dad.

Having said that, today’s blog was on my mind and knowing that my question of the day was asking you what makes a great leader to you? Have you taken the time this week to start making the list and recording on paper the type of leader that you aspire to be?

Friday’s blog is about application and making sure we take the thoughts of the week and transfer them into action. Writing down the characteristic and competencies that you aspire to is mapping out your trail and ultimately defining your “Burled Arch”.

Help me inspire the rest of this community by posting some of your thoughts.

In Honor of the day, can I get an ‘Oor-rah!’?

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