May 11, 2009 Chris Fuller

Your "Burled Arch"

This week, I want to focus on our “vision” as leaders. There are many reasons for vision – personal vision, as well as, professional and organizational. Vision provides the energy – or the push necessary. Many times achieving the vision will push us farther than we would go without one. The vision for “Iditarod Leaders” is what I call the “Burled Arch”. Just as a reminder, the Burled Arch is the finish line for the Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Nome, Alaska. The mushers start the race, approximately, 1100 miles away in Anchorage and for close to two weeks they chase the vision of reaching the Burled Arch.

Like the Burled Arch, you vision must be so compelling that when you become discouraged or when bad weather hits on the trail, you will not turn back or drop out. Vision is that fire that burns in your heart – that compelling, nagging, sometimes even haunting destination that must be attained. It is personal power and organizational cohesion.

As we start the week, I want to extend a challenge – DREAM BIG!

As we start to develop our “Burled Arch”, work to enlarge the vision. I can still hear one of my mentors, Jim Wideman. He would constantly say, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time!”

What are you aiming for this week? How big is your dream? I want to encourage you – STRETCH! Stretch yourself! – you have to believe in the possibility that you can achieve your dream! Belief is essential, however, the first stage is to dream.

If you knew you wouldn’t fail…

If you knew that anything was possible…

If you had complete belief in yourself…

What would you attempt? What would you chase?

What would be your… “Burled Arch”?

On the trail this week – DREAM BIG!

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