May 14, 2009 Chris Fuller

How do you run 1100 miles?

The Iditarod Dog Sled race covers 1100 miles of some of the roughest terrain around. Simply put – to an outsider or rookie, there is now way they can fully appreciate what it takes to reach the ‘Burled Arch’.

As you turned up the heat on your personal and professional vision, does it seem like a daunting task? Does it seem unlikely that you could achieve the dream?

In the Iditarod, there are 26 checkpoints from beginning to end and each checkpoint varies in distance from one to the other. For argument sake, let’s just call each about 45 miles each. Instead of the overwhelming task of running 1100 miles – mentally, it breaks down into 20 something training runs of 40 – 50 miles each. Again, this may vary depending on the roughness of the terrain and the conditions on the trail but you get the point.

Going from the ‘A’ to the ‘B’ in the HAB 22 model is just as intentional of a step as going from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in ABC. In order to accomplish a vision, our first step was to ‘H’- have one, next to ‘A’ refine the vision through ABC, now we transition to the ‘B 22’ – Break it down and Broadcast it.

We still use the ABC methodology – or sometimes what I call A before Q methodology. If you could break your dream down into components or training runs, what would that look like? You might say something like, “I want to run my own division.” What does a great division leader look like? What knowledge do they need? What knowledge do I possess, right now? What is my growth plan that will allow me to achieve my dream? What is the time frame I hope to accomplish this in? What is a reasonable time frame? Where do I need to place myself to be able to see what I need to see and experience what I need to experience?

If you could break the achievement of your dream down into 22 different steps to go from where you are now – to living the life or profession of your dreams – your ‘Burled Arch’, what are those 22 steps or ‘Checkpoints’?

The process for a good musher – and a good leader is to concern yourself with the next few steps in the process. To look much further than that is good for long term thinking but it can lock you up mentally and emotionally to take in too much. How do you eat an Elephant? How do you run 1100 miles?

I’m not concerned, at this moment, in reaching my ‘Burled Arch’. My job is to complete the next 1 to 5 checkpoints (steps) in the process that leads to the fulfillment of my journey. If I complete the 22 checkpoints lined out to achieve my dream – then I will have reached my ‘Burled Arch’. It’s as simple as that. ** Please notice that I said as simple as that – not as easy as that! **

Nothing worthwhile – nothing of incredible stature is ever easy – nor should it be!

If you do what others have done – then you can have what others have!

If you’re not willing to pay the price and run the checkpoints – that’s for the blog about staying in the lodge!

Challenge on the trail for today: Break down the trail to the ‘Burled Arch’ into checkpoints and training runs.

Run with purpose!

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