January 30, 2015 Chris Fuller

Thinking about Achieving in ’15

As I am prone to do – the start of every year brings me to a place of Reflecting and Aiming. Reflecting on the past year and Aiming for the year ahead.

Reflecting on what I wrote for 2014 – Make ’14 1….4… the ages – One for the record books. For me it sure was: right at 150 flights, over 200,000 air miles, 6 countries, and more touch of leaders than I’ve reached in any year prior. So how do you top your busiest year ever? Well… there are a number of ways:

Hoping, Dreaming, Thinking, Intending, Committing, Aiming, Focusing, Planning, Ready-ing, Starting, Pursuing, Failing, Evaluating, Gleaning, Learning, Re-inventing, Evolving, never Quitting, not Settling, and ultimately Achieving.

There are common themes that I am aware of in my life. They are what I am about… One of which is: I don’t just want to be in the game… I want to go BIG!

I know fear is usually a negative word – but I believe it is a healthy word – I FEAR not reaching my potential – I FEAR leaving gas in the tank at the end of this life… I know that there will still be items on the to-do lists and destinations left on the map – but I FEAR getting to the other side of this existence – only to find out that my Impact was only a portion of what it could have / should have been. It is the genesis, I believe, of an important ingredient of success – and that is a sense of Urgency.

Now, I know that I need to modify this – it’s not that I don’t rest – or that I am never satisfied – or that I can’t relax… Fullness of life encompasses all areas of Life – not just professional pursuits. What I am consistently wrestling with is to ensure it is all Intentional and Strategic. I want to / need to… live my life WITH PURPOSE and ON PURPOSE.

So, how about some more of my ‘ings’ in ’15:

I’ll be Working, Learning, Developing, Travelling, Presenting, Teaching, Speaking, Consulting, Influencing, Inspiring, Challenging, Coaching, Leading, and Achieving!

And if I want to be effective in that, I must add:

Serving, Asking, Listening, Questioning, Reflecting, Retreating, Reworking, Improving, Leaning, Cooperating, Collaborating, Supporting, Affirming, Enlarging, Mentoring, Partnering/Teaming, Equipping and Empowering, Delineating and Delegating, Stewarding, Owning and Overcoming!

Life and Business are never clean… We can’t expect ’15 to be Pristine… but I’m not looking for perfection – I’m looking for Improving, Learning, Growing – Progressing!

And from one human to another – I’ll be working through the ‘ings’ on the personal side as well… Connecting and Withdrawing, Caring and Hurting, Sharing and Guarding, Laughing and Crying, Playing and Resting, Trusting and Doubting, Believing and Fearing, Offending and Regretting, Apologizing and Forgiving, Improving, Growing, Pursuing, Loving, Living…. Being!

Ready or not –the calendar has turned! Here’s to Dreaming… Here’s to Starting… Here’s to Pursuing… Here’s to Achieving! And for my Friends (Personal or Professional).. Here’s to you. I couldn’t do anything without YOU! Let’s go make it happen!

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